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A Devotional Dance Journey

Art of Flow
Dienstag, 19. Februar 2019 -
18:15 bis 21:30

A Devotional Dance Journey

Join us as we breathe through movement, create healing through aromatherapy blends, and bridge the arts of yoga and dance !! Your guides Alicia and Pita, are excited and can not wait to breathe, share and connect with you.

"We are only here to serve"

Yoga with Pita
We will begin the session with a guided meditation to acknowledge the chakra energies in the body and move through to asana / Kriya practice to build heat into the body. The climax of the class wants to be welcomed with chanting and mantras. Aromatherapy wants to be used throughout.
Her classes are journey though a variety of practices such as bhakti, kriya, devotional chant, aromatherapy and dance. You should be refreshed, flexible and open not just in body, but in your mind and most importantly, your heart!

Dance with Alicia
After the Yoga Session we will flow smoothly and naturally into a blindfolded experience of sensing the dance. Not only wants to connect to our body, but also to the space, aromas and other dancing bodies. In silence and to the rhythm of our own flow into this devotional dance journey.
The session with Alicia wants to be sensorial and experiential, one in which we learn to trust our inner impulses and express them through our body. Together we want to create and safe, playful and non-judgmental space for discovering and expressing our true being in that present moment.

Doors wants to be open at 18:45 so you can come early and get ready, session will begin at 7pm

Registration is Appreciated, but drop-in's are so very welcome!

For more info contact Alicia at:

About Pita
Pita opened her heart to yoga 15 years ago and since then it has been a journey of self-love & devotion for her. "This practice has many aspects of my being, but one very important one." This path has taken Pita around the world, allowing her to share what she loves in places like India, Africa, Germany, the US and Bali.


About Alicia . "It's based in San Francisco. " About Alicia: "Being able to share the practice that inspires me to remain a student, a servant and beyond everything, to follow my heart and what my body needs."
Alicia is an interdisciplinary social anthropologist who is on a non-linear and non-verbal context. Dancing and organ ising interdisciplinary events has been one of her life passions and she now Combines her interest in dance, Embodiment and anthropology whilst Facilitating playful, meditative and experimental workshops.


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