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Close Encounters are offering an opportunity for you to sample our range of courses in Devising Theatre, Physical Comedy, Clown, and Contact Improvisation. We are a dynamic performance company delivering original and highly physical productions.  We believe in deconstructing text and communicating meaning through movement.​

Violent Delights is a program for 13-19 year olds to develop an orginal piece of theatre for performance. Rehearsals will take place at Dynamo Theatre on Sundays September - November with two performances on December  2 & 3.

The other offerings in this taster session are evening classes that run at MIMOS Theatre on Mondays and Tuesdays from September. 

Please visit our website for further details. 


Youth (13-19)

11:00  - 12:00  - Violent Delights - A post-apolcalyptic reimagining of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (Introduction to Devising and Physical Theatre)

12:15  -   1:15  -  Introduction to Physical Comedy 

Adults (18+)

13:30   -  14:30  -   Introduction to Contact Improvisation 

14:45   -  16:00   -  Introduction to Physical Comedy & Clown

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