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Play. Explore. Dance.

HULA HOOP Workshop


We start with a yoga inspired warm-up and through creative movement we will connect to our bodies.

Beyond right or wrong we will find our own flow and let us be guided by our intuition.

Playfully, we will explore moves with the hula hoop.

We learn hooping tricks around our waist, arms, legs and even neck.

These are all easy memorable movements with great visual effect.

We learn to connect these to sequences and learn to dance with them naturally.

For all levels we will learn new techniques and if there are special requests, we can individually go into certain tricks.


Let’s dance!



All levels are welcome.

From total beginners to hoopers with experience.


If you already have a hoop, bring it along.

If not, I can provide 15 hula hoops and you can reserve one, if you are attending for sure.


Languages: English, (Swiss)-German, Spanish




About the person:


For the first time, Bina discovered her passion for Hula Hoop when she moved to Brighton, England. With a group of creative circus people, she started practicing daily. For three years she travelled through Central America, the Balkan, India and South East Asia where she met other hoopers from all over the world to exchange knowledge and develop her skills. In Thailand, she learned to combine Acro Yoga with Hula Hoop and completed an Aerial Yoga teacher training. Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improv are also of her passions.




On Facebook: Hula Hoop Zurich

Workshop video from Thailand: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qzH3Rx_uLTZQb8DErdDVnOn2d7l3PH6d/view?usp=sharing


Duration: 1.5h




Students: 15CHF

Others: 20CHF

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