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When 3 birds play impro, just impro, they fall in style
Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018 - 19:30

45 minutes of pure, unplanned improv from Michael, Reto and Björn of the Improchäller’s legendary “Hawks”, Tobertus Habicht. They swoop over the improvisation fields, calm and cool. They identify their targets. The “storytelling mouse”. The “spontaneity rabbit”. The “truth in comedy squirrel”. And so they descend, claws out, squawking joyously. Again and again, slash, rip. Blood sprays. Have they murdered their prey – or each other – or the audience? You decide.

In the second half, our guests present an improvised play where a get-together will trigger a series of events, challenging the relationships between the characters the Wisdom of Wombats have created right before your eyes. It’s up to you, the audience, whether the story will be set at a wedding, during St. Patrick’s Day or another occasion. Get ready to see friendships falling apart, characters finding the love of their lives, or new bonds forming in this unscripted and unpredictable show!

Mehr zum Improchäller erfahren: hwww.improchaeller.ch

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