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Ceramics von Sedonja Moll


About me:
My name is Sedonja Moll and I started my little brand in the beginning of 2021. I attended a pottery class in my village and when families and friends loved my handmade pottery and asked me to make custom handmade pottery for them, i used the opportunity and started my small business.

Project explained:
I do handcrafted pottery for a good cause. But what exactly means “for a good cause”? Different collections of handcrafted pottery will be released and twenty percent of the total proceed will be donated to a specific project or non-profit organization.

Which organization? With each new collection, the organization or the project to be donated will change. For example after my last drop  "DEAR MOM, I LOVE YOU" which launched for mother’s day the proceed was donated to TERRE DES FEMMES SCHWEIZ.

In addition to the different collections, I also do custom pottery requests. I would love to make your ideas come true!

Where can I buy your ceramics?
You can send me a direct message via Instagram (@ceramicsbydonna) if you want something customized. Every few months I bring out a new collection, which also sells on Instagram. Currently I am working on my own website, so stay tuned!