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Blatoidea + Downhill Dead

Montag, 3. September 2018 -
19:30 bis 23:30

Blatoidea is a four piece Punk band, based in London formed in 2008.
The sound is in big part inspired from early uk 80s bands, mixed to some Rock n' Roll and Thrash. The band managed to build an international fanbase touring and playing shows in Uk, all over Europe and Japan playied also festivals like the notorious Rebellion Festival, Pod Parou, Vivelepunk, Kappunk and shared the stage with bands like Jello Biafra,UK Subs The Casualties, GBH, Discharge,Subhumans..
Thru the years they released 1 Demo "Start an Infection", 1 Ep "Alive" and 2 studio albums, "Infected" (2013) and most recently "Pesticide" (2015). 

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