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DA Z presents: Simon Grab & Jonathan Jäggy (CH)

Daughter in Law (CH) / Marc Feldmann (CH)
Freitag, 21. Oktober 2022 - 20:00 bis Samstag, 22. Oktober 2022 - 2:00

Simon Grabs Sound bewegt sich am Rande des musikalischen Kipppunkts und balanciert genau dort, wo alles aus den Fugen zu geraten scheint. Da der Status quo als vorübergehend und flüchtig definiert wird, fängt Simon Grab den Klang seiner Kreise in Live-Sessions ein. Seine gesamte Musik wird auf 2-Spur aufgenommen und stellt einen einzigartigen Moment der Improvisation dar. Kein Track kann jemals reproduziert werden.

Simon Grab’s sound is on the edge of the musical tipping point, balancing out right where everything seems to get out of whack. As the status quo is defined as temporary and transient, Simon Grab captures the sound of his circuits in live sessions. All his music is recorded to 2-track, representing a unique moment of improvisation. No track can ever be reproduced.

Supporting Acts: Daughter in Law (CH) / Marc Feldmann (CH)

Daughter in Law (CH)
Vanessa Kipfer also known as Daughter In Law is an upcoming DJ from Zurich. What started in 2018 as a hobby has now become a passion. Her sets are influenced by different styles such as indie dance and dark disco.
Although she‘s still at the beginning of her journey, Daughter In Law regularly plays at diverse events in Switzerland.

Marc Feldmann (CH)
Marc Feldmann's musical journey started 2001 in record stores and led on to clubs, festivals and studios. As solo artist and as part of the trio Trinidad, he played hundreds of DJ sets and live gigs in Switzerland, Europe, and beyond. He worked on various EPs, Singles, remixes and finally an Album in 2020. Marc's DJ sets are not confined by the limits of one specific electronic genre. A playful mix of house-ish grooves, arpeggiated bass lines and epic leads, from disco to the occasional 20-year-old trance vinyl gem, shaped by all the influences of his ongoing journey.