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Experimental Jam

A conscious, dynamic & playful dance experience
Sonntag, 28. April 2019 - 15:00 bis 18:30

Experimental Jam

We experiment, create and constantly transform what is happening in the here and now within ourselves, and in a space of co-creation with music and moving bodies. Within this unpredictable framework that the present moment holds to play, move and dance.

In the mix of this all we welcome our inquisitive child like mind to guide us into a playful, mindful and non-judgmental space where everything is possible!

***No previous experience is need, just the will to be open to the experience!

NEWCOMERS: We ask you to please arrive on time for the opening circle so you don't miss the intro and warmup!

How does the jam look like:


Opening Circle 15.30
Guided Warm Up
Experimental Jam
Closing Circle 18.15


Note from the team:
Every jam is different, so come as you are and with no expectations!

Dynamo, Tanzdach Studio (5th Floor)

Musicians always alternate between our 2 main musicians:
Miriam Rosina and Arjan Vriezen, and a new special guest each event! This is to keep the music quality of experimentation open, fluid and continually changing.

Reference Price
25 CHF
30 CHF

For more information contact Alicia at:

About the Facilitators

An interdisciplinary social anthropologist who focuses on dance and embodiment and the social dynamics that happen in a non-linear and non-verbal context. Dancing contact improvisation and organising interdisciplinary, body, dance & movement related events has been one of her life passions and she now combines her interest in dance, embodiment and anthropology whilst facilitating playful, meditative workshops.

Miriam is an improvising musician specialised in the co-creation of music and dance. She performs in various dance events and festivals in Switzerland and Germany. She teaches music, movement and singing in school and therapeutic contexts. Her main interest lies in playfully accompanying people finding liberty in their own unique way of expression.

Both as a musician and graphic designer, Arjan’s main desire is to create engaging experiences and meaningful connection between people. To the Experimental Jam, he brings years of experience playing with live bands and performances, with busking and being part of countless jam sessions. Though most importantly, he brings a wide open mind-set and a willingness to let the moment happen.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Experimental Jam

The Team,

Alicia Alvarado Aguilera, Miriam Rosina, Arjan Vriezen, Matthias Ogg, Frederic Proyer & Tiago Moreno

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