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hubris. // Car Crash Weather

bergmal presents:
Sonntag, 12. Februar 2023 - 19:00 bis 22:30

“hubris.” is a Swiss post-rock band originating from Fribourg. Formed in 2014, the instrumental quartet is characterised by their original style which blends anexperimental touch of post-rock, electronica atmosphere and some elements of the progressive and metal scene.

They draw their inspiration from artists like Woodkid, Jon Hopkins, This Will Destroy You or The Contortionist amongst others. With their style evoking introspection, hubris. characterise themselves with the length of their compositions, allowing a range of evolving emotions through softness and power. Sometimes compared with other artists like Sigur Rós or Long Distance Calling, the band calls forth emotions of its audience due to a heterogeneousmusical landscape mixing poetic ambiance and raw energy.

They have released three albums to date - Emersion (2015) , Apocryphal Gravity (2017) and Metempsychosis (2020) - and are releasing their fourth upcoming album The One Above in February 2023. They have gained relative popularity following the release of their second album after their took a drastic change intheir musical approach and method of composing. The band sets forth a musical style rarely explored to this day, breaching pre-established post-rock conventions by incorporating both electronica and progressive rock-metal influences.

Their music was critically acclaimed and aroused the interest of almost overone million eager listeners on the internet as well as being the subject of many press articles. The band’s third album Metempsychosis was awarded the best post-rock album of 2020 by the independent music YouTube channel Wherepostrockdwells.

Car Crash Weather:
Car crash weather und Bergmal ist wie Brot und Butter. Nach zahlreichen Shows unter dem Bergmal-Banner – das letzte Mal am BergMalKlein 2019 – bringen sie euch ihren charakteristischen Mix aus Post-Rock, Post-Metal und Prog zurück ins Werk21. Atmosphäre, Riffs und Nackenschmerzen garantiert. 2023 steht nach ihrem 2018er Konzeptalbum «Secondary Drowning» endlich ein neues Album bereit. Erste Einblicke ins neue Album gibt’s bereits an der Show!

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