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Mach Krach Rave Edition

Samstag, 16. März 2019 - 22:00 bis Sonntag, 17. März 2019 - 6:00



Enhance the sonic and physical experiences of being on the dancefloor, without taking the focus away on reflecting power dynamics in society. É is playing mental sounds to morbid spaces and is ranging from harsh techno to trembling soundscapes and fluffy melodies.

Tikitula's nickname Gabber reveals how she likes it. Dark and uncompromising. Her HC collection extends from Holland to Israel while equally she is obsessed with techno. She doesn't like fashion or laws. Rather, she shoots around with metallic beats, dirty industrial, vibrating basslines and corrosive acid in wicked cellars boycotting the propaganda. In the evening she drinks red wine with the devil and burns Bibles.

Running A Clubnight In Bern Called City Trance. Besides: Playing Records For Outsiders / Radio Co-Host On @studio-mondial

Grise is a DJ based in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland. She draws her inspirations from acid Techno to industrial EBM even some Trance or Gabber weapons going from 128bpm to 180bpm. Starting as a DJ in 2010, she is propelled two years after on top of the underground scene of Fribourg by taking over the club Le Mouton Noir. Since that day, she developed her management, promoting and DJing skills. In 2016, she joined the "Studio 1157", a DJs organization based in her hometown who promotes nights between and outside the walls (Fri-Son, XXème, Le Mouton Noir).

Exploring angular electronica, traxx and metadubs, Tesdorpf has been involved in numerous projects on the fringes of (un)popular music over the past 10 years. Most recently, he’s set his sights on lysergic sounds ranging from prototrance to twitching assid. Elysian Supplier of Swim and the transnational overground.


Plays contemporary experimental music, likes strikingly metallic club environments, raw grime. Is into collaborating with artists in all kinds of different fields, -is a part of Lausanne based Files Rec. Crew has released her first EP “Liang” in december 2018.

Co-founder of MEGA MOOD, as a one-of-a-kind digger, StaStava carefully chooses the sounds that will make you bounce, trip, dance. She cans handle the technical breaks with her fairy fingers like nobody. With her great knowledge of the underground music scene, she knows how to give anyone a good lesson of drums.

The music of David Gnoni, who records as Mike Waulie, delight in crosswiring a host of different musical influences, from techno to hip-hop. Born and raised in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, he started to produce tracks at just 15, then learned, at 16, the art of djing when he was working in a records store. He listened to techno growing up, while going out to Hip-Hop parties. Taken together, both music styles captured Mike Waulie’s imagination and he pairs them with rap swagger and electronic touches across his compositions and dj sets.

Das Duo Modulaw situiert ihre Arbeit im Feld der experimentellen elektronischen Musik. Stark geprägt durch die Hörerfahrung durch das Internet und dessen Annihilation von geografischen Grenzen versuchen sie verschiedene Einflüsse und Referenzen von musikalischen Phänomenen zu einem neuen Ganzen zu formen.

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