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Reverend Beat-Man, The Lovers

Montag, 12. November 2018 -
19:30 bis 23:45

Reverend Beat-Man is a One Man Band on the Mission for Blues Trash and Wild Wild Rock'n'Roll Born in Bern Switzerland 1967 in the Summer of Love and Hate On tour since 1992 as a One Man Band, Played Whole Europe, N+S America, Japan NZ and Australia, CBGB's, Montreux Jazz etc founder of Voodoo Rhythm Records (1992) if he would be a politician even his enemies would respect him.. on he's Live Shows seeing the Light is 100% Guaranteed, going totally berserk and dance like a maniac a Must, come in as a Sad Sweet innocent Angel and Go Home as wild Happy Crazy Rock'n'Roll Blues Trash Devil, its Not Just Music its Everything !!!

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