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Listen and respond
Sonntag, 1. November 2020 - 15:30 bis 18:30

Everything is dance, every movement, every thought, every mood a little dance.

Warm up Focus: Listen and respond

On this journey there will be provided musical gadgets to get in touch with each other on a sound level - listen, respond, play, explore, move… | listen and respond is an essential part of life, in our selfs, as well as in contact with others so lets investigate how our body´s do that in a playful way.

The vision of "Tanzreise" is to create a space in which authentic encounters, dance and movement of any quality can find its place. Invite Voice, Heart, Breath, Silence, Pause and feel and Pause. An experiment. An unfolding process in which movement impulses and awarness excersices are provided to play with presence in a joyful way; partly accompanied by intstrumental music and your own creation of sound.

The journey has a guided part, which gradually turns into an "open space" for free dance, Contact Improvisation, and conscious encounters. Being present with what there is.

This event takes place under observance of the protective measures and hygiene regulations of the Dynamo!

Spoken language depends on the participants - english or german.


Opening circle - 15.30

Warm up

Open Space / Jam

Closing Circle - 18:30

Give as you feel: - | + 35 sfr.

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