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Jua von Tabea Plattner


Jua – Home made decorative candles

About me: 
My name is Tabea; all my life I have enjoyed painting, drawing and sculpting, it goes without saying that it was not a surprise to the people around me that I became a pastry chef. Making cakes and sweet creations that brought aw to peoples faces was all I needed to get me going through the day. During the start of the pandemic I decided that I needed to tackle a new sort of art form and stay creatively active. The first thing I thought of was candles because I personally LOVE a good aesthetically pleasing candle and candles bring joy to other people as well. With this in mind I started to experiment with different waxes, forms and materials to ensure I could give people the best possible product. From this Jua was born. 

Product description: 
All the candles are made with a mixture of soy wax and raps wax and are locally made in Zürich, Switzerland. Our candles are poured into a silicone mold and come in various shapes, sizes and colours. To make it simpler for our customers we have named our candles the following: 

● Emily: 9.5cm tall / 80grms 
● Emma (mini): 9.5cm tall / 74grms 
● Emma (large): 13.5cm tall / 182grms 

At the moment all products are made on demand in the comfort of our home. 

Where is your product available: 
At the moment we can be found on instagram under @jua.rays and by phone at 076 698 23 33