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Contact Improvisation Workshop with Alicia

Back to Basics: Part 1

Back to Basics: Part 2

A Contact Improvisation Workshop with Alicia

Back to Basic, is back to the introductory introduction to the basics of Contact Improvisation! In this workshop, we want to dig deeper into the foundations of CI. We want to introduce elements like weight giving & lifting that make the dance more fluid and fun!

Topics we will explore:

Directions: understanding the body in space while being in a constant interplay of orientation and disorientation.

Weight giving & distribution: Preparation for weight lifting.

Weigh lifting: technique for lifting and being lifted safely!

Center to Center: Understanding how to follow the body for weight lifting invitations.

Pathways & Flow: mixing all the CI fundamental techniques and exploring the pathways for creating flow in the dance.

* The workshop wants to be held in English.

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Saturday 13 July
(with mini break)

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Reservation is not requested, but appreciated. This also assures your spot!

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90 CHF Regular
60 CHF CultureLegi & Student

Karma Option
I would really like to take part in the workshop, but can not afford either the Reduced or Regular - So i give what i can!

Reservation: alicia@artof-flow.com

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Tanzdach Studio (5th Floor)
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, 8006 Zurich

About Alicia:

An interdisciplinary social anthropologist who is on a non-linear and non-verbal basis context. Dancing contact improvisation and organizing interdisciplinary, body, dance & movement related events has been one of her life passions and she now combines interest in dance, performing and anthropology while facilitating playful, meditative workshops.

Alicia committed herself fully to contact improvisation back when she was living in London. This is the perfect place to be inspired and stimulated by an ongoing diversity of teachers and dancers. The approach to contact is the state of flow within the improvisation of the present moment. This technique is essential as much as maintaining a deep intuition. She has used CI as a source for Anthropological research as well as personal introspection and development.

Check out Art of Flow:

A Snippet of Alicia:

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