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barfuss Foot Fitness workshop

BarFuss Fitness Workshop

The willPower workshop is focused on Foot Fitness, and is also a first-time-in-Switzerland introduction to the method. It is for all fitness levels. Since the feet muscles are the one area where fitness awareness and and overall body awareness are lacking, it will be a learning experience for everyone.

Learn about this Barefoot training trend with Stacey Lei Krauss, creator & developer of The willPower Method®, and Fitness Advisor for Vibram FiveFingers®. Stacey has been teaching fitness professionals and enthusiasts to effectively experience Foot Fitness as a foundational component of all fitness and health activities for over 10 years.

The workshop wil include the theory and methods behind the program, explanations of why it's important to be aware of the foot muscles and foot balance, exercises focused on this, the full willPower Foot Fitness class, a breakdown of the movements and transitions, all the materials that support the program (books, DVDs, music), 90 days on-line access to the willPower Instruction Network which includes educational tools and Foot Fitness resources.

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