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A Workshop on embodied consent in contact improvisation

Embodied Consent: Ingredients to spice up the dance

Embodied Consent - Ingredients to spice up the dance

“Everything you should not do in contact”

In this workshop on embodied consent we explore how the right awareness and refined sensitivity for one's needs and those of your dancing partner can allow you to go to places far beyond the usual "contact", and to reach another level of depth in the dance. By encompassing more of who we are in the present moment and consciously inviting our internal movements we add ingredients to spice up the dance!
Topics we will be exploring with curiosity:
-Noticing and communicating your boundaries and desires
-Distance and proximity
-playfulness & passion
-mutual co-creation of the dance
-consented manipulation
-hooking, pushing & pulling
This workshop is for you if:
You have some experience in contact improvisation
You feel comfortable with physical contact
You are open to trust and let go
In order to dive deep, we aim to create a safe space. Hence, we ask all participants to stick to the parameters proposed by the facilitators.

About the Facilitators:

Mara started dancing at young age, first classical ballett and later on contemporary dance and improvisation. She studied Community Dance at the Laban Institute in London, and has worked in community dance projects with different groups of people in England, Spain and Brazil.
In Brazil, Mara fell in love with contact improvisation, on earth and in water. For her, CI is a way of encountering herself and her environment, of falling into presence, learning to act from a sensed reality and practising the art of relating. For three years she has been part of an intentional community project based on the common practice of CI and Improvisation in Spain, called The Monastery.
Mara lives in Switzerland, where she teaches movement, organizes Jams and CI research labs and performs.
An interdisciplinary social anthropologist who focuses on dance and embodiment and the social dynamics that happen in a non-linear and non-verbal context. Dancing contact improvisation and organising interdisciplinary, body, dance & movement related events has been one of her passions and she now combines her interest in dance, embodiment and anthropology whilst facilitating playful, meditative events (eg. Experimental Jam) and workshops.
Alicia committed herself fully to contact improvisation back when she was living in London. This was the perfect place to be inspired and stimulated by an ongoing diversity of teachers and dancers. Her approach to contact is one of achieving the state of flow whilst dancing contact improvisation. For this technique is essential as much as maintaining a deep intuition.

*Intro Workshop to Contact Improvisation:
If you are new in the field of contact improvisation, we recommend that you take part in the “Back to Basics” happening on 8th of August more info on https://artof-flow.com/events/

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