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Art of Flow

Experimental Jam

Experimental Jam

During the jam we allow the impulses of silence and music, guide our bodies into the flow, but reciprocally we enter the state of silence and music. We experiment with the different impulses being created and transformed them to further create new stimulus. In the mix of this all we welcome our inquisitive child-like mind to guide us into the exploration and creation of the happening. Therefore, we play, move and dance within the unpredictable framework that the present moment holds.

* No previous experience is needed, just be ready to open the experience!

Newcomers: We ask you to come on time for the opening circle so you dont miss the intro and warmup! 

How does the jam look like:

Opening Circle - 15:30
Guided Warm Up
Experimental Jam - 16:00 
closing circle - 18:30

Dynamo: dance umbrella
* doors open at 15:00, session starts at 15:30!

Arjan Vriezen
+ Special Guest 

For more information contact Alicia at:

About the Facilitators

An interdisciplinary social anthropologist who is involved in a non-linear and non-verbal context, Dancing contact improvisation and organizing interdisciplinary, body, dance & movement related events has been one of her life passions and she now has interests in dance, performing and anthropology while facilitating playful, meditative workshops.


More info to come!

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