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Experimental Jam

A conscious, dynamic & playful dance experience
Sonntag, 22. September 2019 - 15:00 bis 18:30


We experiment, create and constantly transform what is happening in this space of co-creation between music, movement and moments of silence. It is a safe space in which we explore in a playful and mindful way.

A playground for adults, where we play, move and dance within the unpredictable framework.

No previous experience is need, just open to the experience!


** Insurance is the participants' responsibility.


NEWCOMERS:   We ask you to come to the opening circle so you do not miss the introduction!


** This Experimental Jam wants to have a Special Guest Photographer Guia Bianchi.


How does the jam look like:


Opening Circle 15.30

Guided Warm Up

Experimental Jam

Closing Circle 18.15

OPTIONAL POST JAM GATHERING 18.30, summer time swim at Limmat. Make sure you bring your bathing suit!


Reference Price:

Student 20CHF

Reduced 25 CHF

Regular 30 CHF

Please make sure you bring cash!

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