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We Lost The Sea // Solkyri

bergmal presents:
Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2023 - 19:00 bis 22:30

19.00 Doors
19.30 Solkyri
20:45 We Lost The Sea
22:15 Ende

We Lost The Sea:
We Lost the Sea is an instrumental band from Sydney, Australia. The band was originally formed by friends from multiple bands that had dissolved in 2007 from the outer western Sydney suburb of Campbelltown, NSW. The current lineup is composed of Mark Owen, Matt Harvey, Nathaniel D'Ugo, Mathew Kelly, Kieran Elliott, and Carl Whitbread.
Their third album Departure Songs gained them widespread acclaim within the post-rock and metal scenes around the world. The band has reached notable success internationally for their emotional and energetic live performances and modern and thematic approach to the post-rock genre. They are currently released through the Australian independent record label Bird's Robe Records, which is distributed through MGM in Australia and independently worldwide.

Tracing their post-rock sound directly back to the “rock” half of the equation, Sydney, Australia’s Solkyri delivers a distinct, vibrant energy and an uninhibited immediacy that engages instantly with the listener. Mount Pleasant is the bold follow up to their strongly received 2015 album Sad Boys Club, upping the ante right out of the gate and wasting no time in making its presence felt with a trio of tracks that determinedly drive straight to the gut. Approaching the genre with more traditional rock sensibilities lends a gripping quality to the compositions that allows the band to loosen up and explore more textured and tender sounds as the record progresses. It’s this gradually unfolding assemblage of varying tones that gives the record its essential depth, a vital quality that maintains the balance between the inherent forcefulness and the underlying emotional resonance integral to its success with listeners.

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