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A Contact Improvisation Workshop with Mara (part I) and Alicia (part II)

Back to Basics: Part I

Back to Basics is a workshop for all of those who would like to learn the basic techniques of contact improvisation. The focus will be to introduce you to this dance form and it’s basic principles.

Topics we will explore:

Weight: consciously directing weight, sharing weight, Counter Balance & Off Balance

Centre to Centre: Understanding how to follow your partners body for lifting & flying

Balance/Imbalance: Enjoying the play between balance and imbalance

Point of Contact/ Rolling/Sliding: how to listen and be guided by the point of contact

Spiralling: the importance of spralling to move in and out of contact, and in an out of the floor

Fine tuning the senses: how to keep our focus in the body, whilst simultaneously fine tuning our 3D awareness for the space around us

Boundaries: how to notice and communicate our boundaries, to create a trustful atmosphere in the jam space
In any exercise, it’s about exploring the possibilities of your own body.

*The workshop will be held in English and/or German, depending on the group.

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