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Jewelry Making for Beginners (ENG/DE)

If you want to give jewelry making a try, this course is for you. From the sketch to the realization, this course will give you a taste of jewelry making, covering basic skills through demonstration and individual practice. You will be given different designs to choose from and realize either a piece of earrings or a ring that you can take home, learning basic skills including:

- piercing



- annealing

- forming

- polishing

Level: No previous experience needed

Language: The course will be given in English (communication in German, French and Italian is also possible).

Payment: You will receive a separate invoice for the course. The material used for your pieces (per weight) has to be payed at the end of the lesson, in cash.  

The registration is binding for the chosen date, so please read the cancellation conditions carefully and bring your ID with you, if you are under 28 years old.

If you are interested into an Individual Course or Wax Sculpting course, don't hesitate to contact me at info@lauramichelijewelry.com 

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