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Workshop im Rahmen der Zürich Mini Maker Faire

Modular Fashion

"Modular Fashion is a 3-hour hands-on workshop that introduces two-dimensional geometries and modular interlocking in the creation of accessories and clothing. Through the use of vector software and the laser cutting machine, participants explore the three-dimensional potential in the construction of regular modules that are then seamlessly assembled by making unusual tessellation."

- Tessellation in art and fashion
- Vector graphics basics
- Tessellation examples
- Work on templates of two-dimensional polygons and possible interlocking
- Prototyping module

Participants should have basic knowledge of vector graphics and english.
Please make sure you have either Inkscape or Illustrator installed.
Inkscape is open source, you can get it at https://inkscape.org/

Trainer: Zoe Romano - WeMake.cc Makerspace Milano

Zoe Romano is a craftivist, digital strategist and lecturer focused on social impact, women in tech, digital fabrication, open design. She worked for Arduino from 2013 to 2017 and co-founded WeMake Makerspace in 2014 where she now works full-time.

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