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Tango Class: TANGO REBELDE - práctica maravillas

Práctica Maravillas is a free tango class followed by an open dance to apply what we learned.

Tango can be an opportunity to connect and communicate with someone through movement by giving and receiving intentions, adapting to the music together and find a flow with your dance partner. The event is thought both for people that have never danced tango and for dancers with some experience. You can gladly come alone. We aim to provide an inclusive atmosphere and avoid gender roles.

The event is free and you don't need to bring anything.


  • 15.02. 19.30-22.30
  • 29.02. 19.30-22.30
  • 07.03. 19.30-22.30
  • 14.03. 19.30-22.30
  • 21.03. 19.30-22.30
  • 28.03. 19.30-22.30

Hope to see you there!

This event is part of Dynamo's "Open Call - Freiraum" project.

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