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Monster Truck - ABGESAGT

Montag, 26. September 2022 - 19:00 bis 23:00

Liebe Monster Truck-Fans
Das Konzert vom 26.09.2022 im Dynamo Zürich wird leider ersatzlos abgesagt. Alle gekauften Tickets können ab sofort bis zum 26.10.2022 dort retourniert werden, wo sie gekauft wurden. Unten findet ihr ein Statement der Band. Besten Dank für euer Verständnis und bleibt gesund.
Euer Good News-Team

Dear Monster Truck fans
The show on the 26.09.2022 at the Dynamo Zurich is cancelled without rescheduling date. All tickets can be returned at their point of purchase as of now until 26.10.2022. Below you can find a statement from Monster Truck. Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy.
Your Good News team

Chers fans de Monster Truck
Malheureusement, nous devons annuler le concert du 26.09.2022 au Dynamo Zurich sans date de report. Tous les billets peuvent être retourné là où ils ont été achetés du dès maintenant jusqu’à 26.10.2022. En bas une déclaration de Monster Truck. Merci beaucoup pour votre compréhension et restez en bonne santé.
Votre équipe Good News

Unfortunately, I have to deliver some tough and challenging news on the Monster Truck front. Jer has been incredibly sick the last few weeks, we’ve been battling through it together trying to find solutions but sadly he really hasn’t been doing very well at all, it’s been a pretty worrying time. He is in this week for a series of follow up tests and quite a serious colonoscopy, he hasn’t been able to hold down food consistently and hasn’t been able to be away from a bathroom for more than an hour or so at a time. He has lost a worrying amount of weight and his Dr believes that this is down to colitis and potentially Crohn's disease. This has come at a time when we are rolling out their album, so we have had a fair amount of challenges with missing out on promo and shifting dates scheduling wise trying to work around this, all of which has added an additional layer of stress which isn't helping at all. If there was a world, we could have shifted the album release we absolutely would have but we were already single in with Golden Woman and had no choice than to press on at the time but everything coming at once certainly isn't helping the situation.
With all of this being said we have had to re-evaluate the bands touring and how we are going to approach it moving forward, this includes our upcoming Canadian, US and our German, Switzerland touring. On our side we have no choice but to support him health wise here as I’m sure you understand.

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