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Nogu Svelo! Alternativ Rock aus Russland

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Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2023 - 19:30 bis 22:00

Nogu Svelo! is a cult rock band from Moscow, notable for their distinct sense of humor, poetic self-irony, and stylistic variety. The founder, lead singer, bass guitarist and writer of all material since the band’s formation in 1988, Max Pokrovskiy, considers himself to be a son of Moscow Rock Laboratory, an official organization focused on guiding young and talented musicians in the music industry during the era of Perestroika. The unique style that developed in Moscow during this era can be heard in the band’s sound, along with Pokrovskiy’s interest in western music, most notably British and American genres.

The band gained nationwide popularity in 1993 with their super-hit Haru Mamburu. Although the lyrics of the song are gibberish, written in a language entirely made up by Max, fans to this day speculate on a hidden meaning beneath the nonsensical surface. Some of the other songs that defined the Nogu Svelo!’s early period include “Our young funny voices”, “Moscow Romance”, and Lilliput Love”.

Nogu Svelo! is known for their engaging and exciting concert performances. Their live shows have always been legendary, combining the charisma and commanding stage presence of front-man Pokrovskiy with world-class musicians and entertaining visuals. This powerful combination has brought the band to festivals such as Nashestvie, Maxidrom, Kubana, and VK Fesk to name a few.

To date, Nogu Svelo! has released 15 full-length albums, 55 official music videos and won a host of both national and international awards such as “Generation”,  “Zvezda”, “Ovatsia”, “Golden Stag” (Romania), MTV Movie Awards (Russia) and more. One such award was the MTV Russia Music Award for “Best Soundtrack”, won in 2005 with “Go East”, the title song for “Turkish Gambit”, a movie produced by Russian TV Channel 1 that went on to become a number one best seller. Beyond “Turkish Gambit”, Nogu Svelo’s songs can often be found in fiction and non-fiction movies, documentaries, and ads. Some of the band’s most successful songs were written specifically for a movie or show. As an example, Max is one of the most prominent participants from the Russian version of the worldwide reality show Survivor. He took part in two seasons and wrote the hit single “I’m Not The Last Hero”, which is inspired by his life in the Island.

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