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Inspiration to wrap yourself in any piece of cloth

Sari Draping Workshop

A Sari is a five and half meters of unstitched cloth, draped by women as a garment. Traditionally they are hand-woven. Every region in India has a particular way of sari weaving and draping styles that reflect the local culture and the wearer's occupation.

In this course, you will be introduced to various kinds of saris from India and their cultural significance, and you will learn various draping styles. Besides learning how to drape a sari, you will be inspired to explore ways to use smaller pieces of cloth (like scarves, sarongs, etc.) to drape on top of your regular Western-style clothes or to create other unstitched garments like skirts, pants and tops.

This course will be led by Santanu Das, creator and designer of Maku Textiles. Maku Textiles is a slow fashion clothing line from the city of Joy, Kolkata in India.

Santanu Das from Maku Textiles
Learn about the concept and philosophy of Maku. Santanu will be in Zürich from June 26th to July 3th 2018 with a Pop-Up store and will be giving a Talk on Sustainable Fashion & Natural Indigo at Dynamo Zurich.

Organization and Questions:
Paola Deprez from La Luna Lädeli. Questions through the Contact form or by e-mail to la.luna.laedeli@gmail.com.

English (some clarifications in German, French, Italian and Spanish are possible)

Number of participants:
min. 6, max. 20

Payment and cancellation policy:
Upon registering you will receive an e-mail with the detailed payment instructions. Please transfer the course fee within the next working day. Your booking will be confirmed after receiving your payment and is binding. Unpaid bookings will be deleted after one more working day.
In case of cancellation by the participant 31 days or more before the start of the course, 50% of the course fee (including materials) will be refunded, and after this date no refund is possible.